Suren Singh Chandravanshi

An Actor | Fitness Model | An Entrepreneur

suren chandravanshi

"Success needs a spirit of learning from mistakes and to never stop dreaming big."

It is your dream that motivates you to go on against all the odds until you reach the zenith. Such are the thoughts of Mr. Suren Chandravanshi, a successful entrepreneur and Fitness Model. Talking about his journey, he is the one who started from scratch having no financial support but was blessed of having a great adviser in his life, his mother and school principal, who guided him and motivated to come out of his sheer poverty. This is the journey of a kid who once lived in a remote village of Bihar, suffered the plaintive loss of his father at a very young age. He had only his mother who toiled day and night and managed to provide her kids a better education.

Her hardship paid off. She’s known as the proud mother of Mr. Suren Chandravanshi who started his career with a second-hand computer set in 2010 and now owns an office under a well-established company eWeblink Technology LLP, to which he is a founder himself. But this is not all, he has many feathers in his cap. He founded a Film Producton House The Final Take Production Pvt. Ltd., which is running equally successful as his other company. He is an actor who has worked in many short movies, he is an IT professional, a content creator, an excellent motivator and a fitness freak. There was a time when people used to mock him for his skinny appearance and now, they come to him for health advice.
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