The best thing you can do to yourself is taking care of your health. Such are the thoughts of Mr.Suren, a successful entrepreneur and a youth icon of success and fitness. He had been a health conscious person since his childhood, giving the utmost priority to self love. When we talk about fitness, people often limit its definition to its physical perspective but it’s far more than just being physically sound. Mr. Suren never hesitates in making awareness among the masses on the holistic perspective of health through his you tube channel “Direct Dil Se”.

Holistic definition of fitness and its importance

What is fitness?

Mental, emotional and social health bear equal importance along with the physical health fitness. It makes life happier, and happiness is the real fitness diet one can have. With such insightful personality, he focuses on the importance of fitness. According to him not only a sound mind lies in a sound body but a sound mind is what fosters a happy, glowing, graceful and a sound body. Fitness is staying physically and mentally healthy and not only about some ripples of muscles.

Importance of fitness:

Fitness gives you confidence, it also saves you from the humongous expenditure in hospitals over health complications, and hence it adds numbers to your monthly savings. Countless are the known benefits of maintaining a fit life. It doesn’t ask for perfection but consistency. His commitment to a consistent healthy routine including daily morning exercise and a proper diet are truly visible in his videos and photos. A daily healthy routine, commitment to maintaining consistency helps you in maintaining your physical as well as your mental health and separates you from the 95% of population.

Following the happiness

Mr. Suren is a motivational speaker who aims to inspire youth and guide his best in helping them for a better future with holistic self development. He is also curious for his passion in theatre and acting, something that gives them the true happiness. He not only leads No.1 "Travel portal development company eWeblink Technology LLP but is also following his childhood dream of venturing into the music and film industry founded new audio and video production company ‘Final Take Production Pvt. Ltd’.

He gives equal priority to his personal life and happiness which is very visible in these videos where he lose no chance to play with her little princess, making fitness videos with her and inculcating her fitness conscious mind from the very beginning. He is the true epitome of holistic fitness and far sightedness.